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Girl doesn’t answer text all night?

I’ve been seeing this girl for a month now. Sometimes she stops answering and this is the third time she’s done this… she will stop texting after 5PM

I asked her to be my girlfriend after a month of dating and she said it’s too early (she vaguely mentioned other guys) which got me angry, so I told I guess I can talk to other girls, than she said “no no we are exclusive I won’t chill w. other guys if you don’t chill w. other girls”

So we made a deal, but she’s ghosted a few nights already.
Im turned off from her behavior, I let her know her texting bothers me when she ghosted it before.

Now it’s second time.

I want to ghost her / just not talk to her any more.

Any thoughts?
Girl doesn’t answer text all night?
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