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Would you call racist a white guy who only dates Asian girls?

My friend is like that since he only dates Asian girls. I asked him why he likes Asians so much and he told me this:

"Bro, don't blame me for being so into Asian girls. Instead, blame God for making Asian girls smarter, more attractive and nice smelling than white girls. It's His fault!"

I told him that everyone should be judged as an individual and asked what's the difference between the two, if it's not a fetish and so, then he told me this:

"From my experience with Asian women, no matter how much time passes the majority of them will still be reliable partners, good individuals, overachievers, good at problem solving and they tend to age gracefully," he said.

"What about white girls?" I asked.

"With a white girl, the only certainty you can have is that her mental state will go backwards day after day and there's nothing you can do to help her. Moreover, you'll feel ashamed of her past as you get to know her better. When men go for Asian girls, it's not just because of their superior attractiveness, but also because they know they're getting a better partner, one they'll be proud of,"
he replied.

I think my friend is a bit mean to white girls, but I totally understand why he likes Asian girls.
Would you call racist a white guy who only dates Asian girls?
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