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Why does he keep accusing me of flirting with others?

So this guys and I have been talking for 7-8 months now, we went out a few times but we are not dating each other. He still keep asking me one question that If I’m seeing someone or dating someone else or not, though I’ve told him a thousand times I’m not. Then he calls me at night saying he misses me and wish he could hug me to sleep. We do flirt with each other often but we ain’t dating yet. Whenever we talk he keeps saying he doesn’t have any right over me? Like I don't know what is he talking about? He is not my boyfriend but keeps acting like that. He keeps calling me baby often. Whenever I’m online he messages me that I’m always online and last night he again did and said I’m online so I must be flirting with other when I’m not texting him. And he keeps saying I should stay around him because wheneverI get busy he starts getting suspicious that I’m getting close with some other guy. He acts like this while he himself talk with many girls, he told me he has a vast circle and he is a very outgoing and extrovert kind of person and that is totally fine. I understand he can talk with whomsoever he wants to as we haven’t had the what are we talk yet. And I’ve never asked him about any other girls he’s been talking to. What is going on here? Why does he seem insecure? What kind of authority he wants over me? I don’t understand.
Why does he keep accusing me of flirting with others?
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