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After running into her, is it possible for things to be different?

I asked out this really sweet and nice girl who worked at a doctor's office I go to. She said yes and we planned to get together a few days later. She said she wasn't a great texter and she took a very very long time to reply to anything, but she said I shouldn't think it's an indication of her interest.

We met up for the first date, she showed up 20 minutes late. But the date went well, and we got to talk a lot. She wanted to talk about deal breakers and she wanted dating to be in mind. We got together a few days later, and it was a short date, and I felt like she didn't have a good time.

She was bad at responding and wouldn't say whether she was available until the time I proposed we got together. After a bit of back and forth, she said she didn't think we had a lot in common, but we were just starting out. I was annoyed with her for how she was on the date and text, so I told her she can let me know when she wants to get together.

I didn't hear from her, and after a few weeks, I deleted her number and just didn't go to the place when she worked.

It's been two months, and I saw her today, she was really surprised to see me, and said how different I looked, and was asking how I was doing.

She seemed to want to talk to me on my way out. I just asked what her plans were for new years, she said she may hang out with a friend she asked me, and just said I was chilling. She said it was great to see me and I said it was nice to see her and I left.

I don't think she's gonna actually try to touch base again, so I dunno. Just how she acted was weird.
After running into her, is it possible for things to be different?
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