My girlfriends says it's not the same as when we first met?

How do I fix this?

We just got past one month and she's saying it's not the same as when we first met.

How do I rekindle the flame be for it fizzles out?


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  • Its called the honeymoon phase. It ends unless you jump from relationship to relationship all the time.

    • Well how do I fix it because I like her way too much to let her go.

    • You can't *fix* it. This happens with everyone when they first get into a relationship. Once that *feeling* of newness goes away, the honeymoon period is over. Its just the way it is and part of being a human being. Welcome to life.

    • Well will my relationship diminish?

  • It is the honey moon stage and more so because down the track you feel more and more comfortable with each other..I think you could maybe take her to the first place you had your first date and also go somewhere you haven't gone before,like do an activity together,do something fun!It will remind her you can still continuously have fun together and it can at least be a little similar to the way it was before.

    • Well what if she's really busy and she's juggling school and work.

    • Well when you do actually have some time with her do that and start flirting with her again.

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