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Girls, how can I keep the best guy I ever had?

I met this guy one year ago, he's doing a Ph. D. He's very intelligent, sometimes shy and dorky but good-looking. We dated, he was always very thoughtful, generous, loving, always listened to me, and not at all arrogant like a lot of smart people I know.
Also, he was a virgin, as he was way busy in studies before, which I was not. I had relationships since 14. Initially, it was a little problematic but we talked it through.
I was never been with a guy like this before, he's also a good writer (I got to read many poems dedicated to me and old school love letters). But the most fascinating thing about him was that he was very independent and a great cook. He cooked amazing food countless times. One time I was sick and he took care of me. I felt like in Narnia before.
But now he wants to break up and date other people. I am feeling like my whole world has shattered, I will never gonna find anyone like this ever in my life. How can I convince him to stay?
Girls, how can I keep the best guy I ever had?
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