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Why am I never good enough?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" it isn't:) lmao

Pretty privilege exists. And I will never experience it. Go figure 🙂 must be nice to feel wanted and desired by every known to man. I know how men look at beautiful women and want pretty women. who doesn't? Someone would be getting the shit end of the stick with me. Poor dude. I'm sure he will want other women and flirt with other women when I'm not around. Like my friends have different privileges than I do. they are always approached, and they have to make up fake names and stuff to get men to fuck off. I've never had a dude walk up to me. ever. I would be flattered if that happened. Because I have such low self esteem getting noticed by a man would be great. I'm just being honest. my sister, friends and models I know get this. even my mom gets dudes. guys come up to me to ask about them. You can say beauty is subjective, but it isn't. we are so influenced and blinded by society. I'm deemed as worthless by the media. it's okay. I'm fat, and guys want healthy women. My friends last night were talking about how guys always approach them. I've never been that lucky honestly. whenever I go out with my sister or mom. guys treat them like humans. I'm ignored. I don't get doors held open for me, I don't get looked at. I'm on my own in this world. I've never been bought a drink...
here come the fucking "Have you tried changing your weight" there's a big disconnect. It's real, it's alive and well. I know how guys look at me then they see someone attractive. Don't tell me someone is gonna actually want me that the bullshit saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" it isn't. More like it's what men are willing to do or settle for because they are h0rny. don't fucking feed people this bull$hit"Beauty is subjective"meanwhile he follows half naked women online, idolizes celebrities who are pretty and beautiful.
but it's "normal"for men to do this and we are supposed supposed be okay with you doing this? "good men".
Why am I never good enough?
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