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Could she be a little jealous? Why can’t I read her?

I have a supervisor. I asked for a bandaid and she went in the bathroom and was like “are you gonna follow me in?” Jokingly. I think she thought I was flirting - I wasn’t. We had a race and she kept saying i would win and I was laughing and she was like “why are you giggling? in a funny way. After I won she was like “you won, so I have high expectations” I’m 20 she’s 24. I’m bi.

Once she was like “look at you in the new uniform”. I was putting on my work outfit and she was like “you put it on like that?” I went in the back and she asked if I was hiding. I said “yeah I’m hiding”. she asked me to put something in her hands. I was putting stuff away and she stared. When I looked up and caught her she said something. she also texted me asking if I “could confirm my shifts 😌”. I told her yes and she liked the text.
she came up beside me and asked how things were going. She asked if everything was feeling good in a low voice. I laughed and she was like “you’re laughing?”. her bday passed and I asked how it went and she posted a photo and she asked if I had seen it. I was texting my boyfriend and she was behind me and I put the phone down and sighed and she was like “that’s a loud sigh”. she told me she liked my makeup. It’s the same everyday. I was calling my boyfriend and she told me to hangup.

I was sulking and she came up to me while I was alone and was like “you ok? You don’t seem like yourself” I was like “yeah I’m fine!” Later she came next to me and was like “what’s wrong? You can tell me and You’re not talking or anything today?” I laughed and walked away. I don’t talk first. She later told me that she would keep asking if I was ok because it bothered me. Today I was nicer and we spoke casually. At closing I was in the back doing trash and talking to my boyfriend on phone. She told me to hangup so I did and when I got off I was like “I can’t multi task?” And she was like “you’re at work”. I wasn’t rlly doing much. She’s cool so why did she act like that?
Could she be a little jealous? Why can’t I read her?
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