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I don't think the guy I am seeing is compatible with me am I wrong?

we met on hinge (im 28 he's 31) and have been talking for two months, he was a gentleman and I really liked him until we had sex.. all the times we had sex he came in 2 minutes and just left me hanging without finishing me off... he would get up clean himself off and prepare for bed... the second time he did it I spoke up for myself... he said he wasn't leaving me hanging, and that because I wouldn't let him go down on me "properly" he was "off the hook"... I am very ticklish when someone goes down so I have to turn to my side when it happens. I thought this was very rude, if he really cared wouldn't he want to pleasure me? Or make sure I come too? Instead of making it sound like a chore? I told him he had to work with me on this... it takes time to get to know each others bodies...

After this, I was really turned off... he invited me to his friends NYE party last night, I showed up and felt really out of place. I didn't know anyone, they were all younger kids playing beer pong and spilling beer everywhere, it really wasn't my jam. I prefer a nice dinner, charcuterie, wine and lounging... it seems we have different ideas of fun, and he is immature and still in the frat phase. I wasn't drinking either, because I was hungover, but he was drinking and taking ecstasy... so we were really on different levels... I decided to leave early because I felt uncomfortable and alone. He def picked up that vibe from me and began to do his own thing, he was just dancing for himself and Vibing without me. Was I wrong to leave and say I wasn't feeling it? I just feel like we are not compatible. so we ended it today... I am pretty bummed but my intuition told me he is not for me, I wasn't excited to go to the party for a reason I guess.
I don't think the guy I am seeing is compatible with me am I wrong?
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