She's being short with me for no reason. Talking & texting her?

i met this girl and she's cool. we hung out a while ago and then talked on the phone for a while a few days ago. I let a day go without saying anything (in all fairness I was out all day, it was the fourth of July) and didn't say anything until way late. then she's being all short with me for no reason, and its really pissing me off. I mean we just started talking, why do we have to talk every single day. so what's up, I kind of want to just say f*** it and lose her number and not worry about it, or should I call her and talk to her normal and see, or should I ask her if she's upset (even though I kind of don't get it)? If I do call, would it be better to wait until later or give her a call earlier than I normally would want to? were pretty good together and so far it seems like we have an understanding with each others' personalities.

yeah I know wrong section I can't delete apparently


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  • Girls overreact when they feel neglected. You're the guy, keep your cool and stay nice and composed, she'll come back to her senses shortly. Most girls are super emotional and once you realize that and don't pay much attention to their ups and downs you will laugh about it because frankly it's like they are 5 years old sometimes! Lol

    • lol for sure dude, thing is I don't put up with that at all. it makes me not want to even deal with her at all. I have no problem cutting her out, especially because it's super early, it's just that she is actually pretty fun and we get along for the most part. but I mean if its gonna be like that I kinda feel like it's just the tip of the iceberg.

    • If you like her why would you overreact? Give her a couple of chances. But if you don't want to deal with this kind of things ask her "are you OK, you seem very short with me?" and take it from there. If she calms down immediately and act nice than you know her temper is reasonable, if she still act like short tell her that clearly she's being short without telling you why and that it would be better to talk about it and resolve things nicely if feelings got hurt. I'd try to see if she's mature.

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