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Should I date him?

Hi everyone so I've started talking to this guy that ilI met online, we started talking about a month ago. And he's already cancelled our dates twice and doesn't want to go to a restaurant with me but rather a quiet place. We have a lot in common and I mean a lot! And he's seems like a nice guy but he recently just came out and said that he has problems , he's medicated and he's in therapy and note I'm so not judging him for this at all!! And we started discussing this but before I could even really answer in the convo he started kinda being rude and then tying to end things. And white this convo i felt pressured to tell him something I wasn't ready to tell yet which I hated and it upset me. I also don't have the best mental health and I've kinda been in a relationship where the other person had really bad mental health issues and I know that it really effected me also. He also has social anxiety and I don't think he really likes going out, which when I started looking for a new relationship I was wanting someone that would push me out of my comfort zone and get me out more. He seems like a great guy but I feel like I'm kinda ignore what i was wanting when I first started looking and things I still want now. But he really is a nice guy so I don't know whether I should continue talking to him and give him a chance or just let it go. What do you guys think?
Should I date him?
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