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He talks about women?

We went on a date and it was great. After the date while going back to uni, he started saying how he's going to go to a female friends house who has a "boyfriend". He disappeared from whatsapp after 8pm.

During the 2nd time I met him, he again mentioned how he went on a lunch with a female friend who is also vegetarian like me.
During the same meeting, when I was telling him about how racism affected my dutch friend (he's dutch as well) he suddenly pointed towards a girl sitting across the room. She was wearing a crop top so her back area was visible and you could obviously see the outline of her bottom as she was wearing joggers and he was like look at that girl, how he saw her on the bus with her parents, speaking in dutch and how he's not a creep, just mentioning how she's also Dutch.

I dont know why he does this. He hasn't spoken to me ever since the 2nd meeting. Now that he doesn't talk, he still has my number saved.

Why is he doing this? Is he manipulative?
He talks about women?
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