Is she finished with me?

What is really going on

I have been dating the same girl now for almost a year. Things had been going really well until about a week ago when I mentioned the name of an X apparently one too many times. Suddenly my girlfriend started saying our relationship was not working for her anymore but she still wanted to be friends. Having gone through this in the past I just assumed it would go away. Finally I became irritated and told her she could have what she wanted. A day later I received 3 emails stating they were the last emails I would get. Two days after that I received a call and two more emails stating they were the last I would get and that it was completely over and she was moving on and for me to do so as well. I replied with a couple of my own as well as a voice mail asking her to reconsider. The next day she called extremely irate and screamed if I called her again she would call the police. I asked what I had done wrong and she stated it was all about her and to leave her alone. A subsequent called turned into a screaming match and eventually she hung up. I made no attempt to contact her for 5 days and today she calls just to make sure I am OK and there are no hard feelings. I asked if she wanted to meet and she declined. Her attitude although not as good as I may have liked was much better than our last conversation. No mention on never calling again or that it was over. I tried to call back and no answer and no response to a text I sent. This is all confusing to me. Why continually say it is over but continue to call even with the excuse of saying this is the last text or call or making sure I am OK and there are no hard feelings. Someone please tell me what she is thinking and how I should handle the situation. I want very much to reconcile but just can't seem to say or do the right thing.


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  • i think if she said no hard feelings, then the relationship really is over. Make sure of it though, give her some more time then ask her again if she wants to meet so you two can talk about it. Ask her to tell you the truth about why she decided to break up so abruptly. If she says no to the meet, then yeah I think you should move on.

  • you honestly shouldn't even contact her. one, because she's crazy and two, because you have absolutely no reason to reconcile with her. just leave it as it is.


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