Will he get over her?

I dated this lovely, lovely man. However our last date was quite awkward and we talked about it. Turns out he lost a girlfriend of many years 4 months ago, and he found it hard to date again though he really liked med. I told him that I liked him back and can wait, so if he feels better I am up for more dates later.

Now, guys (and ladies perhaps :D) . Do you think there is a chance he will remember me and contact me again. Or should I start getting him out and accepts that bad timing might happen for a reason?


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  • I think you should wait for him to contact you. Why wouldn't he remember you? =] just give him time and see where you guys end up if you continue dating.

    • hehe I know, I am quite memorable. At least I hope so :) I do plan on giving him some space to get used to live without this ex

    • ^^ yeah see? I hope it turns out well for you!