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What dies his response to my selfie mean?

So me and this guy were texting. He didn't know exactly who I was, but I he know that I am a girl from his school. I knew who he was and he was my crush for already a long time. (Please don't ask questions like how was that possible, becahse that isn't the topic). We were talking about something, but we quickly came off of the the topic. He told me things, I thing you wouln'd just tell someone, since they are personal. So I think that he had formed at least some bond to me while texting but I am really not that sure. He asked me stuff like how tall I am, how much I weight, if I do sports, how old I am and I told him that I love beauty and makeup. He texted thta me randomly in our conversation:
I would like to see once a picture of you. I believe you must be quite cute. 

one month later i send him one. It was a pretty and feminine mirror selfie of me in a dress with my legs crossed nothing naughty or anything like that. I hold my cellophone in my hands and covered my face with it.
his response: haha thanks you girl without a face😉😂
What dies his response to my selfie mean?
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