Am I crazy or is it the distance getting to my head?

we're long distance and to keep things short ill get to the point.

some girl wrote on his wall on fb saying, "hope you had a great 4th hun. sorry I missed your call :("

and I'm just wondering whyother girls are calling him hun... right away thiinking does he call them "pet names?" and then I'm also wondering... why is he even calling other girls... and if he is because theyre old friends.. why won't he just tell me? because in my opinion I shouldn't have to ask, right?


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  • I think you're most likely being a tad too paranoid here...

    As for other girls calling him hun, that's just how some (actually quite a lot) of women talk. They address anyone they're friendly with as hun. It's probably as simple as that, don't read to much into something so trivial. Hun has become more of a friendly greeting than a pet name. You've probably called some of your friends hun in the past, right? I know I have...

    And about calling other girls... What do you mean by "why won't he just tell me." If you asked him about the message and he lied to you about calling her I can understand you being upset about that, I would be too. But you can't expect him to tell you every single thing he does automatically... Do you list off everybody you've called throughout the day to him? I doubt it... And if you are, that's really unnecessary! He's his own person with his own life and his own friends. And it's perfectly normal for him to call them. He doesn't need to tell you about every little thing he does, just like you don't either! However, if you ask him about it, he shouldn't try to lie or hide it from you either.

    If you're feeling a little insecure about it, ask him who she is. If he's calm and open about it then I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. But if he gets defensive and tries to dodge the conversation, then I'd be worried!


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  • Personally I think Facebook has caused a majority of the breakups in our generation just because of girls like that, and girls like you.

    Although she should not have put that on there, your reaction is nearly just as bad. This guy has no control over what is put on his Facebook, keep that in mind.

    If she is a friend, and he called her, then it really is none of your business and there's no reason why he should have to explain this to you unless you ask.

    LDR are hard, but if you don't trust him then it is impossible.


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  • You might be over reacting here, people have friends and I for one tend to give my close friends pet names like flower, hun, honey etc and that goes for both girls and guys. Now that's not to say that I cheat on my boyfriend cos I don't but that's just the way I treat my friends. Maybe he didn't think much of it that's why he hasn't mentioned it.

    Ask him about it and he may have a reasonable answer, however if he starts getting all protective and acting weird then maybe he does have something to hide?

    Hope you're OK!

    :) x

    • i just asked him casually, "hey so whos alicia" and he told me, "shes a girl I meant when I lived in georgia and we've remained friends, I've known her for about four years now."

      i just said, "ahhh..." and changed the subject. so I don't think I have anything to worry about.. I honestly tend to freak myself out a lot (generally before my period) but never act on it... bu this girl is always bugging him about talking to him because they haven't talked in forever... I don't know just friends I suppose.

    • He sounds like a good guy, I don't think he's lying to you so you don't have anything to be worried about :)

      Don't worry most of us have days like that (my boyfriend and I call it "having a crazy lady moment" lol) but I'm glad it's all OK :) x

    • thank you :)

  • It seems kind of weird. My boyfriend lives 2 hrs away from me and we actually met online and have gone on many dates and have been dating for about 9 months. I'm not worried about him though, because he pretty much doesn't talk to anybody except for his family, one of his neighbors, and anybody he has to work with. He's very anti social which can be a bad thing, but in this case it's a good thing! lol (:

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