How should I proceed with her?

Basically I have been texting this girl since the weekend, I have known her for years but haven't seen her for years too.

Basically we got started talking online again and we exchanged numbers.

She said I could ring her last night after I asked, so the night comes and I text her asking if I could...and basically she said she couldn't for a certain reason and I asked "when would be good to call?" and she replied that she would "let me know" I hate this answer because it leaves me on the backfoot and girls rarely do 'let you know', I want to call her tonight but don't want to come across as desperate or anything. any ideas how to do this?


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  • Hmm this is tricky. It really depends on the girl. By calling her when she told you not to you could end up freaking her out and chasing her away. Maybe you can set up some sort of group thing where you can invite her out in a casual setting. You can ask her this through text by asking if she's seen the new transformers or whatever and if she hasn't invite her along saying that your friends and you were going to go watch it and that she's welcome to tag along. This way if she says no you still have something to do to keep you distracted and if she says yes she doesn't feel pressured. You can even offer to pay if she doesn't have money. Maybe since you haven't seen each other in so long she's a little shocked by how suddenly you've taken an interest because that does make some girls put a guard up or just think you might be a little weird. Girls tend to think they need to work for a guy a little and when it's just given to them we think that maybe he's not what were looking for. (Keep in mind not to be rude or anything that's not what I'm saying. Just don't ask for too much too fast and tell her how much you like her when you're just starting to talk.) Showing her a comfortable good time with no pressure could be what will help you guys connect more and maybe she'll be happier with being more involved.


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