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Guy I'm dating preferred work over me, why so?

The guy I'm dating made excuses not to hang out with me but not with his friends. He pretty much got aggravated when I would ask to spend time with him. Some days he is suppose to be off and we are suppose to hang out but he gets a call from work, they offer him to come in and he takes it. So he ends up working overtime and has to be off some day but he ignores me the day he's off so I won't ask him to hang out. I think sometimes this happens when he is with his friends but denies the offer to come in when he's with them.

So I've been wearing my hair different and wearing makeup, going out and he noticed. It has made him paranoid that he keeps asking me how often do I wear it, do i wear it everyday, have I been wearing it for years, do I wear it to work, so and so. I go out pretty much everyday and he wants to know where im going. I think this has made him want to spend time with me now. So now when his job calls him in, I tell him to go in but he makes some excuse like no, he has made enough money already. Then he gets mad when I encourage him to go in cause he thinks im hiding something.
Guy I'm dating preferred work over me, why so?
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