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Guy ghosted me but?

This guy that ghosted me after 2 dates and I study at the same uni. 2 days ago, I was telling my friend about him and just chatting about general things at the reception (where she works as a receptionist) and all of a sudden, he appeared out of nowhere and walked past us and took the lift.

Today, she told me that he came to take a mask which is usually kept at the entrance desk and she said that when he was putting it on, he looked at her with a very serious look.
She was a bit startled but he has a wooden personality so she brushed it off.
She texted me instantly saying that he was here and when we spoke, she told me this too.

When he's ghosted me and doesn't talk then why care about whom I talk to?

by the way she's in her late 40s so its not like he likes her.
Guy ghosted me but?
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