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Am I being paranoid or not?

So I’m about to go on my first proper proper date with a guy, that I really think I’ll like. We’ve been talking for a while and he’s soooo nice and the conversations we have are so good. We’ve never spoken flirtatiously or anything, we’ve just been getting to know each other as people. I get the feeling though, that I’m really going to be into him.

Anyway, he asked me out, and I’ve been so excited and nervous about it, and thinking about it constantly, so I haven’t had much sleep the past few days.. maybe like 5hrs each night.

Anyway, now I’ve got massive dark circles around my eyes, I look quite pale and I’ve got some random spot on my face.. I wasn’t going to wear barely any makeup only like eyelashes, because I usually go natural, but now I’m going to have to wear foundation and concealer to cover up my dark circles and even my skin out.. but my foundation creases in my smile lines and looks ridiculous and concealer makes me look older..

I’m sooo nervous he’s not going to find me attractive now, I think i look worn out or something.

Do guys notice things like dark circles or foundation creasing and a tired looking appearance? Or am I just being paranoid?
Am I being paranoid or not?
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