First kiss question.. Any advive?

How long should you wait for a kiss with a girl.. 1st date 2 date.. 3rd..


Ive never kissed a girl befor.. I'm betting she wants it but I need advice.. Also I don't know if she has ever kissed a guy either so it might be the first kiss for both of us..

Whats your advice? Anybody?

Also any advice on doing it? How do I move in for it?

And don't just say "go for it".. I am going to.. But I'm hopeing for any advice I can get first..

Well.. An Opportunity already happened.. But it was the first time she Initiated contact and touching so I decided not to do it then.. But that's why I'm asking what I should do?

We were sitting next to each other.. Then we started play fighting.. Throwing stuff at each other.. So she grabbed my hand and pinned it on the ground by laying on it.. At this point I could have simply rolled over and I would have been able to kiss her.. But instead I started to tickle her.. And she grabed my other
hand and held it real tight.. At this point I could have went in for the kiss again.. But I got scared.. This was the first time she went out of her way to touch me :) so I decided not to kiss her yet..

Then we played a little more and untll she was on top of me.. Again I could have kissed her.. But I've never done it befor so I chickened out
So this isn't a question of the right moment.. I got that.. Its how to move in for it without looking like a horny guy.. And can I kiss her in date 3


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  • I always wait at least 2 dates before I kiss a guy. It took my boyfriend and I an outing, a few hang outs and a full evening spent together until we first kissed. We had broken the touch barrier since some time, initiated some hand holding and stuff but I waited until I was sure I liked him enough to be my boyfriend. I don't kiss guys unless they're boyfriend material but that's just me. My advice on it? Wait for her to do the move. I don't mean wait for her to reach out to you and go in for the kiss. I mean, let her get closer to you just so that you know for SURE, deep within, that the moment is right about to happen. That's what happened with my boyfriend. We embraced and cuddled for a bit until I finally had the courage to face him in a way that would allow him to make the move. She'll give you a clear sign one time or another. Just wait for her to do so and I'm sure she'll be very grateful that you did. Plus, there's nothing better than the excitement you feel in your gut when you know it WILL happen in just a few seconds or minutes. It makes it much more intimate and memorable :)


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  • okay, so as far as how long to wait, I would say at least the 2nd date so that you know that things are going somewhere, don't worry about never having kissed a girl before because it sounds scary but it really isn't and its super easy! so as far as going for it you can have it be like a end of the date kiss so that you know she wants to kiss you too, you can go to hug her at the end of the date and say you had a great time, if you are really unsure you can ask her if it is okay if you give her a goodnight/goodbye kiss, or ask for a goodnight/goodbye kiss, and with something like that you don't have to turn it into a big make out session just a peck on the lips is good enough, if she has kissed someone before maybe she will want a little bit more of a real kiss, for as far as a goodbye kiss goes if you want it to be more of a real kiss part your lips just a little bit so that they aren't tight together and just go in for the kiss, what ever you do just don't pucker your lips, that seems kinda wierd... also you might want to lick your lips before hand and then you can kiss her. if you want to make out with her or something then that is defiantly a during he date kind of thing and you will just want to go in for what I said was more of a real kiss and then start moving your lips, and locking your lips with her.

    other tips would be just to not think about it because you will become nervous and not be able to do it, and if you still feel like you aren't confident enough then you can look up how to videos and guides on google, that is what I did and it helped me a lot! good luck with your first kiss, I hope it is wonderful!

    • i now see your added details, and that is really cute, she defiantly wants to be kissed, so now id say just go for it when the opportunity presents itself because it will be perfect, you won't look like a horny guy don't you worry, if you kiss her then ask her to sleep with you then you will but I don't think that is really your plan from the sounds of things

  • Just do it when you feel ready to and you feel that she would appreciate it (which, you said you're betting she wants to). When you two are in private and you feel it might be a good time, look her in the eyes and if she doesn't look away she probably wants to, then...kiss her!

    The first time my boyfriend kissed me we were sitting on a bench on a trail in the woods; a little corny but it was really pretty and he grabbed my hand and did it -I thought it was really cute! Not that it's a big deal at allll but if you want to make it special for the both of you maybe try a nice place where it'll be nice and relaxing :)

  • It depends on the girl, if you're both comfortable with each other on the 1st/2nd date. kiss her!

    my advice would be to just have fun on the date, don't focus on messing up or embarrassing yourself, you'll just get more nervous and feel awkward. for the kiss, it depends on the situation. my first kiss was after watchin a movie, he was next to me, we were laughing, he smiled at me, ran his fingers through my hair and leaned down to kiss me. Doesn't seem like much but it was a great first kiss.


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  • Do it when the moment feels right.

    You have to build up to the kiss, playful touching is always good over the period of time you're with her.

    If you want to make sure she will kiss you back, when it's the right moment, touch her hair with your fingers and caress her face with the palm of your hand.

    If she lets you do this then 99% she will let you kiss her.

    Go in for it right after she lets you.

  • I say wait until you're starting to fall for her... I would think it would make the moment a lot more special! :)