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Girls, how long does the "just talking" to a guy phase last?

I've noticed I have been in the just talking phase with girls a few times who have found me attractive, funny and kind but it doesn't go anywhere. These girls have said, due to broken relationships with their fathers or past guys they have dated or been with it has distorted her view of guys in general. With that said, how long should the "just talking" phase end? At some point if a girl is not committing to meeting up, a guy can't wait for years until she makes up her mind. Even then, she may eliminate the guy from the equation and pursue a guy that she met randomly somewhere outside a few nights prior.

I think people should be clear if you like someone's personality and you think they are good looking, chances are you like them overall as a person and can see yourself dating that person, correct? If that's the case, even for those who feel emotionally hurt from the past need to understand that eventually, at some point, there needs to be progression. Not for sex, but just to meet up even for coffee or something. That's just my opinion on the matter but I'm curious if girls/women see it differently then guys/men.
Girls, how long does the "just talking" to a guy phase last?
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