What do you want the girl to do when you're first dating her, guys?

Do you want her to initiate calling and/or texting with you?

Or do you want her to wait for you to do the flirting?

I've heard that guys do want the girl to text.

How much texting is "too much" in the guy-world?


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  • I think you are analyzing.

    I personally never really think about it. I have seen people ask, how many texts, how often, how long to wait etc.

    I think its crazy. Text when you feel like it and don't over think it. If you like someone you enjoy hearing from them.

    Do you have a friend that you really like?

    Are you annoyed by their texts?

    Do you keep a log to see how many and when you send?

    I am a very busy person, sometimes I miss a text or 2 but If I really didn't want a text from someone they wouldn't have my number.

    Analyzing and trying to follow outlined rules is not necessary. Text whenever you feel the urge.


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  • My 2 cents: I want the girl to initiate the calling/texting and there is no such thing as too much for me. I can't expect her to start all the conversations, but starting one is awkward for either party so if the other starts it, it makes things easier..

  • I want her to not be along for the ride, she must contribute


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