How to let a guy you are "talking to" know that you feel he is being disrespectful?

I have been talking to a guy for 4 months now. We talk a lot on Facebook since his job takes him out of town a lot, but when he is in town he always makes sure to see me. The problem I have is that if I text him (which I don't do often, maybe once or twice a week) he never responds. I joked with him about it at first, since we are not official, and told him that he was ignoring me. He apologized and said he wasn't meaning to, but he is still doing it! So I decided that since the only way we communicate is over Facebook, I decided not to go online during the times that we usually chat, thinking that maybe after a day or two he would text or call me. Well its been over a week now and I haven't heard from him. Everything seemed to be going great, but now I am second guessing that. What should I say to him to make him understand that I am feeling like everything is only on his time and I feel like a doormat?


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  • Just tell him what you are feeling, nothing too emotional though. But if it isn't official, he can do what he wants and you can do what you want. No one really has to answer texts or pick up their phone or maybe he's busy since he's a work.

  • Just say it. Guys tend to prefer the direct approach.