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Dont these type of people annoy you?

People who wanna be in a relationship and always complain about being single.. yet never try, and the opposite gender doesn't even know they exist, they never try dating... Always stay inside... And somehow jus expect a guy or girl to magically appear and make them their boyfriend or girlfriend... Then they complain saying "I must not be good enough.. I must be ugly... no one likes me.. blah blah blah"

Like what do you expect, if you never talk to opposite gender and never try, someone isn't jus gonna magically appear and take you, you have to try... You have to flirt with them... Especially if you're a girl these days, doesn't matter how hot you are, guys jus don't approach girls anymore... the word creep gets thrown around so much by girls you have drove fear into men and made us realise it's best to avoid... So FUCKING TRY IF YOU WANT IT!!! NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IF YOU NEVER TRYThey piss me off so much lol, I'm a loner and always wanted a girlfriend too but never complain about it.. I realise it's my own fault for not being brave or having balls to talk to girls, so I can't complain... I must not want one enough or else I would have found the balls to flirt, so I don't complain
Yes they annoy me too
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18 d
It's like wanting a pizza but can't be bothered to walk to shop and get one then complaining that a pizza never appears Infront of you. Fucking stupid
Dont these type of people annoy you?
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