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Was my boyfriend talking about himself?

Boyfriend of a month said that there are some guys that trick girls into getting into relationships just so they can have sex with them.

Later in the day I asked him how he would feel if we didn't have sex every time we saw each other. If we could have days where we just chill without sex. I asked if we could have sex more often when we're one more month into the relationship. He said he was fine with it. But a couple minutes later complained that I like to put a time frame on things. He said we're moving a lot slower than other couples. After this conversation he got cold and distant. He stopped texting me. Throughout our relationship he has never called me, even though I told him I prefer calls over texts. He once said he'd call, but he never did. The last few weeks, he only tries to see me on weekends and it usually ends at his house. When he mentioned how guys trick girls into relationships for sex, was he talking about himself?
Was my boyfriend talking about himself?
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