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The guy I like is a weed smoker?

I've started seeing a guy and he's also the first guy I've ever dated. Were not together yet but we been on a couple of dates. I've been talking to him for a while before we met and we just clicked

We met and he was THE SWEETEST guy I have ever met. So far speaking online and in person he is just such a great guy and I could see myself REALLY liking him and him being a big deal in my life. I love being around him and he has such a nice energy about him I've never met a guy like him
But he dropped a bombshell on me last time I saw him that he's a weed smoker. He has a full time job that he really loves and he still goes out and lives life he's not just some stoner that just sits at home but this news really bummed me out

My dad used to be heavily addicted to weed and it messed him up big time. I've also known someone else that got psychosis from years and years of heavy weed smoking Im not 100% sure my guy is a HEAVY weed smoker as he didn't say but Im pretty sure he is

Im just so upset and I really dont want to let him go we get along so well and it would be such a shame to end things now. But it also makes me super sad and quite sick that he is a weed smoker Im just so scared about taking things further with him now. We are about to go on another date and I have a feeling he might try and kiss me for the first time. Am I wrong to let him do that and see how things go with us then try to ask him to stop smoking weed? I know I can't change him but I also dont want to never see him again I really like him as a person and he really likes me

He also drives me to our dates sometimes but Im worried about if he has weed beforehand. If he didn't tell me he smoked weed I would not of know. He isn't dopey or he doesn't seem high he just acts normal

Do I Keep seeing him and see where things go and eventually ask him to stop smoking? And if he doesn't, leave and break his heart? Or do I leave now? I may not easily find a guy like him though he's just so nice 😔
The guy I like is a weed smoker?
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