A kiss on the cheek?

Hey guys/girls!

I need your help...

I reaally love my guy friend. Like I'm in love with him.

to cut a long story short.. he doesn't know.

Last night we walked home, and he give me a hug, and then kissed me on the cheek. He's never done this before!


what would you think if you kissed someone on the cheek- an example of this would be- would you only kiss someone on the cheek if you really liked them...

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL.. if someone kissed you on the cheek..

I'm confused.. I would love to know what you think!


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  • That's sweet :). You said he's never done that before, does he do it to other people? I know some people who kiss everyone on the cheek so when they do, I think nothing of it, BUT...when my boyfriend and I were still just 'hanging out', he randomly kissed me goodbye on the cheek one night, which he had never done before, and kissed me the next time. So personally I think he probably likes you too but is too afraid to really kiss you and wanted to see how you would react to it!

    • I know isn't! :) that's what I said to him.

      No he never does it to anyone else. I know what you mean about a friendly kiss on the cheek..

      arww, thing is we've already kissed properly.. so I don't get why he's doing it the other way around.. :P GUYS are so confusing. Thankyou for your comment :)

    • That is confusing haha, you two have already kissed? Isn't it obvious that he likes you then?

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  • are you 14? if I kissed a girl on the cheek it would be my cousin or aunt... so maybe yallre related somehow

    • lol plenty of guys kiss girls on the cheek to show they are interested! Girls like it, it's sweet...

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    • Dang, THAT is strange to me haha. I think her guy is totally normal

    • hmm maybe lol where I live its uncommon to be a virgin at 14

  • This is an invitation. He wants to see how you will respond. I think he DOES know... or suspects!


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  • he kissed you! lucky you isn't it oviaous he likes you! (: HE KISSEEED YOUUU AHHH ha ha sorry (: