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Am I overthinking friends with benefits?

In my 1st friends with benefits with someone I’ve known for around 12 years.
been having good sex for around 6/8 weeks, he made the first move. we have a great laugh together and cuddle before and after, hold hands a lot and always kiss hi and bye. I’m also close friends (not sexual) to someone in his family
I’ve been widowed for quite some time and he’s the first I’ve been with since.
We grew close talking most days over the last 4 months. I think about him a lot when we aren’t together and he’s currently travelling so won’t be home for awhile. I know he’s probably having sex with others and I’m fine with that and not jealous (he better keep himself clean lol)
We both agreed at the beginning we didn’t want a official relationship.
I don’t think I want the relationship to be more as probably wouldn’t work long term. I have 3 kids he doesn’t and 8 years younger than me (29)
think I’m just missing him and confused about it all but I won’t stop sleeping with him I need this after being on my own for sometime.
I just need to figure my feelings out in my head. Not had to deal
With a new type of relationship in a very long time…
Is it normal to worry that they could just stop it all? No signs of it but am a overthinker.
He’s told me he can’t wait more sex (sent him a cheeky video of us) when he’s back even though he doesn’t want to come back lol don’t blame him it’s amazing where he is.
sorry to waffle.
Am I overthinking friends with benefits?
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