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Am I the issue or am I overthinking?


So me and friends with benefits have been intimate for a bout 7months. Basically when we’re intimate it’s great however it doesn’t last long. I don’t have a problem with it at times because it happens everyone is human and we could always go a second round, however yesterday we were intimate and it was great he finished but he was embarrassed but I felt like he lasted long enough. He then quoted that “ out of all the people your the only female who gets me to finish quick” he also said “it’s like when I’m fucking you your fucking me back” am I do something wrong? With my past partner he did say he had to pace himself at times which worked because we would kiss and stuff we were more emotionally intimate but having friends with benefits it’s not the same and I told he I didn’t want that type of intimacy (ik it’s confusing), so what should I do? He is really making this to some competition and wants to get some long lasting pills… we’re both 22.

*Also for some odd reason it’s like he wants me to want to talk to him and get to know me, like last night he wanted me to give him my opinion on him and he gave his on me and said “he feels like I’m not here and I hide my emotions”(which I do because I don’t want to get the wrong message between us because I do like his company way more. He also keeps prying in my dating life, even though I’m not dating, this one time he really thought I was getting know some random guy when I was just really busy with school and work, so I lied and said I went on dates with a guy. Since then he brings it up almost every meetup.
Am I the issue or am I overthinking?
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