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He deleted me off Instagram but kept me on fb and Snapchat?

This guy friend requested me a couple months ago and we casually started talking through dms. We ended up being at the same bar one night and hung out and hit it off. I found out he was a widow and didn’t want to “rush” or push anything. After talking a lot he never did ask me out but acted like he was interested. One day he kinda just started acting “different” and our talking was less and less I ended up running into him and felt so awkward I got really drunk and ended up kinda making a fool of myself. A week after I made a fool out of myself, I ran into him at Starbucks but I was on the phone so I said hi really fast and ran out literally cause I was still so mortified about the week before. A couple weeks after that I posted on my Instagram story a picture of me and a guy friend and HE DELETED ME! But I noticed he left me on Facebook & Snapchat and still looks at my stories till this day. I am not sure why he would bother to delete me off Instagram but keep me on other platforms? I left him on the other platforms cause I like that he is keeping tabs on me but at the same time why should have access to my stuff after deleting me. Thoughts?
He deleted me off Instagram but kept me on fb and Snapchat?
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