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Bumble date gone wrong, was I harsh on him?

We got to know eachother and got flirted right away. Met up first time it was great, hit it off. Second time, he was in the worst mood because his mum was bothering him all day so he was aggressive. I decided to ask him what he wanted and said he doesn't want a serious relationship. Causal, so I understood that and said I would still like to get to know him and he was like ok but not a lot whatever. Anyway We did hook up but he could fit in me, so he got all angry. So I finished him off and he promised he would finish me but said he wasn't experienced in that. T
He checked his phone and his mum was bothering him again so he got all angry so I cuddled him for awhile to make him feel better, he needed it. I felt so uncomfortable because I was there to have fun. He was telling me things like
*well I could have sucked myself off anyway
*I don't know what the fuck you like to eat
*I don't see myself taking you on dates but then after a bit told me he would take me on dates
*I'm not gonna just tell you to leave if you wanna go go?

So I left all upset, then he messaged me 30mins after and asked if I was upset? And I unleashed with how upset I was because I just wanted to have fun and knowing he had a guard up at the start saying to keep it causal but then tell me everything about his mum was confusing me. So I explained that I want to be there for him but that was not a fun experience at all. It was terrible.

I feel bad for telling him but he never apologised for being like this all day.

Was I harsh for telling him that it was terrible? Is he embarrassed for what happened? His now not answering me...
Bumble date gone wrong, was I harsh on him?
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