so yea I've kissed a few guys

but I know I kiss really badly

i can tell I do

cause it really doesn't feel good

its sortof doesn't flow

any help please?



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  • How do you know you kiss badly? How do you know its not the guys who suck. If you're really sure you can learn the old fashion way. Practive on a stuffed animal, the back of your hard, or if your brave one of your girlfriends. Watch movies where lots of kissing happens. When you go in for a kiss keep your tongue in your mouth at first. Start with open mouth kissing no tongue. You don't want to put your tongue in his mouth your tongues are just supposed to play with each other in the middle. No one likes to eat face, or have drool on their upper lip. Making out should be slow and passionate not wet and nasty.


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  • watch of a lot of clips on tv or youtube

    not enough is better than too much, especially tongue

    but dnt stop


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  • Never open your mouth to wide

    Dont kiss in the same position move your head around.

    Use your lips to kiss just his lips one at a time. Slowly move your tongue at first then faster once your both into it.

    Rubbing her hands down there chest and on there back.and head relaly gets guys going.

    licking their lips with your tongue.not a slabery but nice and slow then go back to kissing him

  • Just let it flow, don't worry about how it will go or whether he'll think you're a good kisser. Just let it all hang out and go with it.

  • Did you feel attracted to the guys ur kissed? I think I had no trouble kissing guys when they were really hot, and the random times when I've kissed someone I'm not really fond of, it was just awkward didn't feel like anything. so I think maybe when you meet the right guy its going to go a lot better, because you guide each other. People have to adapt when kissing. If its a bad kiss, its not just ur fault, its their fault too, so don't feel bad about it. It just flows with the right person I think