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Need some second opinion?

So i’ve dated this girl for a while now she said that she have the “its hard for me to love kinda thing” and pride is high, and the last disconnect was she rejects me and dont want to try a relationship because she has tried before and it doesn't work well, and 3 months with a very minimum contact,

After that disconnect I do want to try again, after some healing, during our dates, we talked for a bit, so she asked “have i found any 1?” And i answered “yes, but i dont feel the need to pursue further”, so i asked her back, with hesitant she said yes as well, within 2 weeks with a “willing to try”

She said that she is still not in relationship as to this moment just some suitor, and still open for any 1 to come towards her..

However my instinct said that she was lying, as if trying to make me jealous, or as if her pride was the 1 taking place…, any opinions as to should i give another try? Should i try to point out that she is lying? Or any opinions? Thanks in advance.
Need some second opinion?
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