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Why does my boy so lack in gestures in relationship?

I have been dating this guy for about a year now. He is smart, verbally sweet and I do believe we have a strong chemistry. But somehow his actions are not so sweet, often came across quite insensitive. Few examples:

1. When we go out shopping, he NEVER asks what shops I'd like to see. He just goes there getting his things done and assuming I was willing to just wait around and gives opinion like a company;

2. When we go to a foreign country, he'd say to me at the arrival airport "why don't you get some cash out of the ATM?" and then he went on saying "oh that rate is crazy..";

3. If we buy some drink/coffee along the way, he'd go ahead and just order one without asking me. If I ask he'd say we can't finish 2. Then he always started drinking without offering first and only handing to me when half or more is gong;

4. Twice during our trips, he came back to the hotel with just HIS LUNCH, and he started eating in front of me as if I did not exist. Did not ask if I ate, did not offer to share. I said to him, hey I did not eat either, then he showed me his 1/10 leftover in the box and asked me to dig in...

5. When I go on business trips, he'd ask me to bring chocolates/ keyboards/ ear phones, etc. I was anyway ready to always bring him some gifts but being asked for things is not the same. Plus, he never buys me stuff during his trips.

So we talked few times and he said that I am too sensitive and he is just being practical. Is it the case?
Why does my boy so lack in gestures in relationship?
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