We ran into each other with our dates...will he call again?

We are in our late twenties and we were dating for 6 months. We were intimate but never got exclusive. He would text me daily good morning or mid day to see how my day was going, he would even ask what I was doing when we didn't see each other. We hang out a lot, once or twice every week, I will always stayed over at his place when were together. I was a little distant and hesitant to open up to him since we were not in a relationship. Not too long ago I asked what he felt for me. He said he nice things but that he was not ready for a relationship, which I reply nicely that I would say goodbye because I wanted something more and I need to move on. He asked me not to say goodbye because-quote-"he honestly he would be sad not hear from me ever again" and we could be strictly friends. I took a week to decide mean time he continue to text which I did not respond. He text at 1am sat which was odd cause he never text that later ever, I responded and from their on I decided we could try strictly friends thing. This past weekend he and his friend mostly girls when out to a club and he invited me and ask for me to bring my friends or friend and even said to invite my brother and his wife. He ignored me most of the night so I did too and dance with guys I met there. He notice I went missing for a few times that night so he was wondering where I was. After lots of drinks we ended up at his place and had sex and morning sex which at that point I was "like what just happened"? I spent most of the day with him watching movies he made breakfast then I left, he even asked surprised I was leaving. Sunday came by we just text and Monday he had not text me or called at all so I decided to go on a date with a guy I met at the club that night and I ran into him with his date...now 2 days later he has not text or called at all. WTF? We are just still friends right? Not sure what he is thinking? I was starting to care for this guy before going "strictly friends" but understood he was not into me that way so now I'm more confuse, why doesn't he call or text me at all? I do have a gut feeling he will, called it intuition.


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  • I think you did things out of order. You should have had awkward sex first and then decided to be strictly friends. People who are strictly friends do not sleep together.

    And I know you know that we can't tell you if he'll call. Just wait and see..

    Or call/text him first..

    • I just wonder what he might be thinking? Total slut or what?Player? Honestly I was fair to tell him I needed to move on and wanted to say goodbye. He insisted we should be friends but I fear I was gonna end up having sex with him again and I did..Anyway...I just confusing as to why he won't contact me. Not upset in anyway its just awkward running into each other like that.