How do I get him to date me?

Right, here's the story. I fancy this guy in my sixth form, and have done for the last 2 months. He knows that I like him, and I occasionally speak to him. However, he hasn't told anyone if he fancies me back, so I'm unsure how to proceed.

I want to go out with him because he's a lovely guy with a wonderful personality (the smile isn't bad either!) and he's the sort of guy that I like.

How can I get this guy to ask me out? I don't want to ask him out because I'm terrible at that - my version of a chat up line is "Are you single?" - so, any responses please.


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  • Next time you see him; go up to him like your going to kiss him on the cheek. Then softly whisper in his ear, " If you ask me out; I won't say no". That way you let him no you fancy him, but your still leaving it up to him. Good Luck


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  • "He knows that I like him," you'll be surprised about how clueless guys are at that age.

    My first girlfriend who was smoking hot liked me for some reason when I was a freshmen in highschool. I was so deathly shy and introverted that it took her asking me out 2-3 times before her friend went up to me and told me she liked me (how high school is that)?

    So if he is shy (and he sounds like it) then you may have to make the moves with him. Like hedonism said, "Do you wanna go see a movie sometime," is pretty harmless way of asking him out.

  • If this guy is shy, you're going to have to push. Set the date yourself.

    If he's outgoing, drop the heavy hint, like looking him dead in the eyes and saying, "It would be great if someone took me out to--" If he misses this hint a couple of times, he means to miss it.

  • just ask him out please?

    go for it

    if he's a nice guy that you like you will never have to be embarrassed if he turn you down, go for it.

    i'd love for a girl to ask me out, even if I wasnt interested and I'm single, I'd give her a chance


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