What was your most embarrassing moment on a date?

Mine was actually at prom - my school was in Europe, so the drinking age was 16, and we were served alcohol at prom. I drank a tiny bit too much, and while I was sitting on my dates lap, I laughed too hard and fell backwards onto the ground. Even worse, I didn't drink enough to forget that event, so I get embarrassed and crack up every time I remember it haha.


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  • We were at a bar and we we're chatting and having a drink.

    After a while I went in for the kiss which I'm pretty much a veteran at doing.

    As we got closer I felt a really big sneeze coming on all of a sudden so I had to stop it with my hand.

    When I went to move my hand to my face, my elbow hit my glass and I ended up knocking a pint of beer into her lap.

    Then with all the shock of me doing that and trying to save the glass from falling I forgot about the sneeze and ended up blasting snot in her face at gale force speed.

    I didn't bother even trying to cal her back after that night but she ended up calling me after a few days.


    • that's hilarious, I'm actually laughing out loud :P at least she called you back ha ha :)

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  • We were waiting for the bus to take to a red lobster restaurant,

    and when we were talking I bursted out laughing

    and spit all over his face.

    Thankfully, he wasn't too grossed out and we're still dating lol