I planned on sending her a bouquet of roses/teddy bear/ and a box or chocolates to her house with a note attached. What to talk about?

so later on today I'm going to meet up with a girl on Facebook. we have talked for a little while and I would call us friends even though we haven't met. she works at a restaurant and wants me to visit her. she's just recently became single and knows I like her. however my problem is I don't have to much experience in the "conversation" field and need just a little help with what to talk about. LET IT BE KNOWN-- that our brief encounter probably wouldn't last that long since I will be meeting her at her job (her decision btw) so basically I just need to know a few convo starters without coming off boring-creepy, and flirty, all the while letting her know I'm serious about wanting to be with her cause I like her a lot. before she goes to work I planned on sending her a bouquet of roses/teddy bear/ and a box or chocolates to her house with a note attached .I know its a bit cliche but if not that than what? any suggestions? also I do plan on asking her if me and her can hang out more. and maybe be something more. thanks users.


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  • If you two are compatible then the conversation should come naturally. Seriously though, it should. I understand you're worried about the convo (I get like that all the time) but when you're in the moment things are so much more different. It's not like you can plan before hand how you're going to talk about politics or anything like that. Just relax and take things as they go. When you meet her then you can ask her how she is doing and potentially compliment her on something like her hair or smile or whatever else feels appropriate.Now no matter how much you try to make sure she sees you're serious, if she's not feeling it, it's a lost cause. Sorry to be blunt but I gotta prepare ya ! This is your first meeting so keep things light. She needs time to think about what she thought of you so respect that. There's nothing worse than meeting a guy the first time and they get pushy without you feeling that vibe. Yes ask her whether you can hang out again at the end and respect whatever she has to say. As for your roses/teddybear thing, put that on hold till you two are in the dating mode and have started doing things regularly. You don't want to scare her. Not saying it's creepy, but too much too soon is overwhelming with these things. Hope I helped :)

    • u did help. alot, so o shouldn't get her anything yet?

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    • Okay then get her flowers!

    • just the flowers.? Nothin else? what about a card with it

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