Why are guys scared or not sure about dating a big girl but are quick to put them on the "sister/buddy" list?

most dudes seemed as a Sister or a Buddy...never girlfriend material...some times they even see me as a Booty Call cause of my butt and hips...its very frustrating...size shouldn't matter! I've seen some pretty skinny females but had the nastiest attitude and stuck up personality and guys rather put up with it cause she can wear a size negative 5...then after a while they start to see me for me and get tired of being with other girls its like I'm their "last hope" but I'm like dude you done told me everything you done to these females do you think I'll let that happen to me...uhhh no...


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  • well, the simple answer would be that you are not as attractive as someone who thinner.

    I can only speak for myself but I am not a fan of women that drink lots of alcohol, eat sh*t food and then complain about why guys don't like them. If you eat healthy and have a healthy active lifestyle and are still fat because of your genes, fair nuff, but that will usually show and there is a reason why so many Americans are fat, and it ain't genes...


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