What kind of girls should a guy who is 27 years old, is inexperienced with dating, and isn't hot target?

I am:

* 27 years old

* has poor people skills

* doesn't know how to dance

* never had a girlfriend before, but have dated a couple of times while in college

* ranks 7.1 out of 10 on "HotOrNot"

* a software developer

* recently attained a bachelors of science in computer science, but this four-year degree did take longer than four years so not exactly what some might call a genius.

* and has an intorverted-intiutive-feeling-judgemental (INFJ) personality type.

So, in terms of the following, what kind of girls should I be targeting here?

* Looks (on a 0 to 10 point scale)

* Age range

* umm... that's it - I guess.

Not that personality isn't important, I know that I wouldn't know her personality before I even start talking to her. And, the physical attraction has to be there as well.

Also, where can I meet these kinds of girls. Now, keep in mind that I am 27 and I have poor people skills, and I'm not too good-looking (I probably go on a diet and get some exercise). Can I meet these girls in the bars, night clubs, etc.?

Why are no girls answering my f***ing question, either? What's wrong with people?
So, if my question is "creepy", then please tell me so and explain why.
And, I was just thinking. Even if I made myself sound, at least I'm honest. Looks and age are the only two things guys care about.

At least I'm willing to accept that there might be other things that I might care about I just don't know what they would be.
Actually, I do take that back. There is one huge thing that I would love to have in woman that isn't related to her looks and age. And, that is that she support me on whatever undertaking I set out on. Like she would root for me whenever I had some obstacle that I had to overcome, or some battle that needed to be won.

Also, it'd be sweet if she knew how to cook and clean. Is that sexist? Because, I live like a pig. I think that I'm getting sick in my apartment from my own filth!


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  • Imagine your ideal woman. Picture her in your mind.

    Feel the way you would if she was in your life.

    Repeat as often as you wish, as the more you do this, the quicker she'll appear, but be patient. The more you feel that she's not on her way, the more she won't be.

    Positive energy attracts positive energy, so keep upbeat and smile!

    If you aren't a bar guy or a dancer, why go to where you don't want to be? Meetup . com (spaced to you can see it) is a great way to attend events with people with similar interests. Go for friendship with women first so that you become comfortable. Then, friends of friends of friends will expand your circle of acquaintances and your next partner may show up because of the connections.

    Using the dating sites can be just as scary as trying to meet new people in real life, but you simply have to appreciate who YOU are before anyone else can appreciate you. Then, when you love yourself, another will love you.

    • I haven't made too many friends in my life. *Sigh. I really do hope that my situation isn't helpless, because then I might just kill myself.

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    • So, as far as my ideal girl: When it comes to looks I could always imagine someone like Adriana Lima or Scarlett Johansson, but is that just it? Is there anything about the woman that I should try to envision?

      Also, what do you mean when you tell me to love myself? I think that I already do, but is there something specific that I need to do? Like, try to have more positive things to say about myself and not insult myself ever?

    • "The Secret" DVD was an eye-opener for me. You just have to be happy with who you are, flaws, strengths, everything. Then, once you are happy with yourself, there will be an excess of love to give to another.

      Feel the feelings you want to feel when you are with the right person. Imagine how it would be with them around you. Then, keep that feeling going throughout your day. Make it a habit.

      Positive energy attracts positive energy. And "The joy of intimacy is the reward of committment."

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  • My advice to you would be futile to even state, considering the axiom, "you can't fix stupid."

    • I don't understand what you're saying. Are you saying that I'm helpless?

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    • That is by far the greatest comment I have ever read.

    • How am I the douche bag? You're the one who's being an a**hole, whereas I'm a good person. How is it that I would ever be a douche bag?

  • why don't girls comment on this? because you made yourself sound like a creepy geek.

    • If so, then they could just say so. I'm posting anonymously so it's not like they'd know. If girls think that sort of thing is creepy, then they need to tell me.

      These are the sort of things that are helpful.

    • In any case, would you care to explain how it's creepy? Is it because I'm honest about looks? Or, is it mentioning the age part?

    • If so, I'm just asking what's the general age range for someone like me? I'm really just asking what's "socially acceptable".

  • If you are also a white male in addition to all the above descriptions, you can go to asia and meet fine young Asian chicks...that is, if you don't mind Asian women. Evrywhere I go in Asia there is always a geeky-looking white male with a decent to hot looking wife.

    • That kind of sounds racist, and I don't think that I'm all that interested. I guess if I go for a third world country, then of course girls there might find me attractive. And, I have thought about going for Russian chicks in the past for that reason.

      But, I'm not sure if that's a good idea. It might not be that great of an idea if the bitch looks at me as a meal ticket anyways. She could divorce me and talk half my sh*t anyways the minuter she gets her green card.