What do you wear on a date with a girl?! Clothes emergency!!

What do you wear on a date with a girl?!

this is the 1st time I'm gonna be on a date(kind of a date) with a friend of mine who is a girl...And she is lesbian...I'm not sure about myself so today is kinda a test...

I'm SUPER nervous!

and I have no idea what to wear to look good in her eyes?

im wearing a black skinny jeans with black converse with:

a lose shirt that falls from the shoulder? (its shows a little skin but its sexy! )

or a tight tank top with black lace and a few red roses ?

I know it sounds stupid...But I really don't know what to wear XDD


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  • loose shirt,at your age you're not supposed to be trying too hard you know,so casual is best


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  • Where what you usually wear. That's why you are on the date in the first place..

    I would say loose shirt.

  • I would go with the loose shirt. Since it is your first date with this girl you don't want to try too hard. All in all I think it would look really cute. Have fun on your date :)

  • halter tops are super hot/cute but still casual