Am I doing something wrong on tinder?

I have been on tinder for a month and still no luck with men. I been on 3-5 dates with dudes and after the 1st or 2nd date they ghost me. Am I wasting my time on there? I think everything is going well and stuff and than the texting and calling slows down and they just ghost me after a week. I want a boyfriend but it seems like I can never get to that point. I do not know if it’s my weight (well I do have a skinnier picture of me than now) I am 24 and still seem I can’t get into a relationship. that’s really bothers me at my age. when I was in high school no one wanted to date me either. only guys who I attract is way older men with kids.. maybe I just don’t look like my age because of my weight I’m around 220 pounds. I try to lose weight but because of my thyroid issue it’s very hard to Get the pounds off. at my age I should be dating or have at least one boyfriend. what should I do?
Am I doing something wrong on tinder?
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