Do I hang on until divorce or dump her as a friend?

I have been seeing this women as only friends (this is because I am Separted and waiting to get divorced) for 12 weeks but every 4 weeks she goes very distant and strange and hardly contacts me. She always cancels our arrangements we make and I have to wait days or hours on end to hear from her. Then for the next three weeks she is fine to me and we get on really well, and she textes alot. The other thing is she says we can only be friends as there is no spark but acts as though she really likes me. She also dates other men but never goes out with them long as she always find faults with them but still wants to see me as a friend.

To be honest I am getting pissed off with the way she is every four weeks and I think she is keeping me as a friend so she can go out with me when I am divorced as she is worried about my psycho ex-wife. But deep down its screwing me up and I don't need another mad women in my life.

So do I hang on until I am divorced which could be a couple of months or should I tell her I have had enough and dump her as a friend to save my sanity but lose any chance to be with her in the end.?


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  • So the first step is to talk to her for sure. But something to consider. Woman have this annoying thing called a period. And it can really mess us up. And it happens oh every 3-4 weeks.


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  • Every four weeks? PMS maybe?

    You don't have to "dump her as a friend" but I would suggest you become less involved with her. You seem to be too caught up in someone that isn't that interested in you (at least from what she's said).

    • That's true it is PMS and I am most probably too caught up with her. I just can't tell if she is interested or not as she changes her mind as much as her underwear, and it drives me mad. Best thing maybe is to back right off and let her do chasing what do you think?

    • Yes, definitely back off. She may realize she has you wrapped around her finger and isn't that concerned about doing anything with you for the time being.

    • Thanks for your help