Have you ever met somebody in person that you met online?

dating sites or social network. how did the conversation start, what did you talk about, who asked who if they wanted to meet in person, and how did you wind up meeting in person?


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  • 6 times. 3 were OK; I had 2 good relationships that ended mutually and peacefully and I still have one as a friend. The other 3 were a horrible experience. One of them followed me two weeks after I moved when I had only known him 2 days, the second potentially could have raped me had I been with friends, and the third wanted sex after the first date/meeting. I met 3 on MySpace (like 3 years ago) and the other 3 on Plenty of Fish. The one who tried force himself on me was drunk and high when his page said he didn't drink or smoke.

    If you really want to meet them, quiz the hell out of them for at least a month before you meet them and take a group of friends with you to a well lit open place during the day, and ride there with a friend and don't go straight home after you leave there, some of these will follow you.

    • well, me being a guy, I don't feel like I have much to worry about except wasting my time. ahh the benifits of being a man. lol, but good advice for girls.

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    • *facepalm* I didn't notice you were a guy when I commented lol

    • look, I watched the roommate recently, there's some psycho bitches out there, lol

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  • no never

  • One time. And it turned out a total disaster! He was a lying douche!

    • tell me tell me, don't just build me up like that, tell me more :)

    • like what happened and how where you convinced to meet him? no judgments here

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  • never, I tried the sh*t out of online dating and came to the conclusion that it is a massive waste of time compared to walking up to someone in real life

    • me too, it's like after about ten messages girls will start getting cold feet in realization to the fact that they just met somebody online.

    • most women the go online are not actually looking to meat someone, they like the attention and having men jump through hoops, as soon as you stop jumping through hoops then it's all over. The only women that want to meet men are women from over seas, but not locals

    • well, maybe they just get scared or feel emberrased