What should I do about liking my best guy friend?

I met this guy in the beginning of the school year and we became best friends. He's super chill and I can talk to him about anything.except the fact that I like him.

A month or so after we became friends he was talking to me about how he liked a girl in one of his classes. I told him to ask her out, because I figured that as his friend I should encourage him to pursue his own happiness, right? So anyways, he asked her out and thanked me for being such a good friend. I felt horrible because now he had a girlfriend and I kinda contributed to my own pain.

Now he and his girlfriend have been going out for two and a half months. He talks a lot of crap on her but then will randomly say how much he loves her, etc etc. We have two classes together and he's always hanging around with me, making me laugh and being flirty. He tells me he loves me, and that I'm the only girl that's not a fake bitch. What the heck?!

I'm getting over him (slowly) and need to know how to "get back in the game" and fall for somebody that's available. Any suggestions?

yay, I'm finally over him :D


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  • Hang out with other guys a lot more. Just find some other guy to hang around with all the time, inbetween classes, during class or whatever. If you want to get over this guy you first have to stop thinking about him. However, I'm not saying stop hanging out with him, I mean you still wanna be friends with him I'm guessing. Just, maybe remind him he has a girlfriend when he flirts with you, use body language especially.

  • Ah good for you! Happy hunting =D


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