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recently I was dating someone for 2 months, he went away with his family this summer for a month. during that month we were still dating I went out with my friends to a party and kissed another guy later I called him and broke up with him I didn't tell him I had cheated I just said I wanted to be more independent, he came back last week and wants to get back together but I feel so guilty since he's such a nice guy and all... should I tell him?

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  • You don't deserve him. Tell him and let him choose. It was only a kiss, but still.

    Might I ask, why did you even do that? You feel so bad now over a kiss and you didn't think about it BEFORE it happened? :\ why are people so dumb -_-

    • it was heat of the moment... honestly I didn't really want to think about it because I've liked the guy for a while. and I agree with you!

    • Well at least it wasn't anything more. If he wants to get back together and you still like your ex then you need to be honest and let him decide. He might not think it a big deal as long as you don't do it again (but he might have lost trust which ultimately could lead to future problems, but who knows for sure).

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  • Tell him. Honestly, the truth will come out sooner or later. IMO, it would be better coming from you sooner than later.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not sure I'd choose any of these, but I guess I'd stop talking to him all together because there'd be no way I'd get back into a relationship with him without tell him what happened.