He drove, he paid- was it a date?

Last night I went out with a friend of mine who I also like. We had a great time and we both really enjoyed ourselves. He paid for everything and he drove all night. Was it a date? He didn't try anything. He hugged me when I left and that's about as physical at it got. I know he's not shy when it comes to affection so... did we go on a date? Or did we hang out as friends?


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  • He could have just been acting thoughtful by paying for everything and driving, but it's possible it was a date. It's always better to get a direct response from him, though. :P

    • right. That's why I'm unsure.

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    • Ehhh..

    • Yeah, I know what you mean, lol. :P

      Maybe you can try initiating something with him again, and see if he makes a move.

      Anyways, if you really like him and think there's a chance he might like you too, perhaps you can try making the first move. :)

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