Did I ruin chance with my ex boyfriend since I told him I missed him?

My ex boyfriend and I started dating 7 months ago. I was reluctant to get serious first. We both just got divorced, yet hit it off. He took me to another state to meet his grandma. He talked about marriage and told me he loved me. Then I felt him gradually pull away. I would ask him if he felt the same about us. He would change the subject. Then after 6 months he wanted space because he was confused and needed to figure stuff out, yet still wanted to be friends. He would ask who I was dating, act jealous, and tell me he

missed me. 6 days ago he said text me saying he missed me and asked how I felt about us. Yesterday we were texting in a lighthearted friendly manner. Then I was weak and said I missed him. He replied asking me to stop, that I was making him feel bad, that he wasn't trying to be mean. I haven't text him since then. Will I ever hear back from him again? Or is this it? He lives down the street from me and goes to the same church, yet luckily he is out of town a lot. I also think his ex wife worked on him to break us up. She is being nice to him, like bringing him food. Yet doesn't want him back. I can't believe last week he was asking me if I was ignoring him and telling me he missed me, and now it's over because I said I missed him. He has been gentle and kind with me telling me maybe after a year it will work for us, and he cares a lot for me..


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  • This reminds me very much of a question I once answered on this site before that led to an article.

    The article is here and is about attachment issues and why people alternate back and forth the way your boyfriend is. Perhaps it will give you some insight


    • Thank you! I liked the article. He had a talk with me and told me to move on and forget about him for awhile, but thanked me for being a good friend to him. It is hard, but I am moving on.

    • Glad you liked the article. I'm sorry things didn't work out but it sounds like you at least got some clarity now. Sometimes, as hard as it is to move on, it's better than being in limbo going back and forth.

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  • I think you should give him the silent treatment and see if he contacts you. Maybe you will oly be a rebound type friend for him...

  • It sounds like he has unresolved issues and feelings with the x and that you may be a rebound for him.


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