I am hopelessly infatuated with her. Real life "There's Something About MARY."

I am completely in love with a girl named Mary. We have never dated, or even gone out, but I am hopeless infatuated with her.

I have noticed that I am not the only one. She has a following of guys that are in love with her. I know of at least 5 including myself.

I am sure there is more since I don't even spend much time with her.

She is a server at a club, and very hot (perfect 10 )so this is understandable but I know many hot girls and none have this following.

Has anyone ever heard of this? More important how do you ask a girl like this out without looking creepy like the rest?

BTW I'm a very good looking guy with lots of swag. Only telling you this so you understand I'm not dreaming of a hot girl out of my reach. I've dated many tens even a couple 12s.

Please help.


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  • The first thing you do is strike up some small talk with her, but it has to be outside the ordinary waitress/guest location. So try and catch her when she's taking a break, or off work. Say a few simple things then pause and let the conversation fizzle out. Then change the subject and ask her straight out what kind of guys turn her on. That's it - just say "What kind of guys are you into?" And she will tell you. Super skinny guys, macho army guys, heavily tattooed, big rock and roll hair, intellectuals with glasses, whatever it is she will say it. If it's a guy like you then she might say something like I'd rather not say, or no comment or even "I like guys like you." If she jumps right to "I'm on the rebound, taking time off" or she's not looking for any guy right now then you know she has gone defensive and she's not interested in you. The best way to find out how a woman feels is to ask her.

    Another thing to observe is how she acts with people who are not as beautiful as her. If she's stuck up and only allows herself to see people who are in her league is radically different from someone who feels her beauty doesn't matter and is very warm and charitable towards the asymmetric crowd. It sounds like she is the latter so she is technically called a "Beta Babe" - hot enough to be an alpha but smart enough to stay beta. That's another thing you can ask her "How old were you when everyone started calling you beautiful?"

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